The vegetable processing factory “Friglo” was founded at the end of 2016 and started to work in May 2017. Its owners are two Serbian companies with long tradition - Neimar V and Kemoimpex, which invested significant funds in its building and equipping. The complex is located on the land of top quality, ideally supplemented by the climate favourable for growing of various plants. The factory is the most modern and technologically best equipped factory for processing vegetables, and it is located in Vojvodina, the Southeast Europe’s granary and the centre of raw materials. These all ensure high yield and continuous quality of raw material, as well as safety of products “from field to table“. What makes us special in comparison to the competition is the fact that in our factory the whole process from picking to freezing of vegetables finishes within one hour, which is significantly faster than the usual two - two and a half hours necessary for this procedure, thus ensuring preservation of both taste and smell and all valuable nutrients.

The vegetable processing factory “Friglo”, with the capacity of over 15.000 t of deep-frozen products and a cold storage with the capacity of 7.200 t, spreads on the area of 15 ha, where the building itself has 9.000 square meters. The “Friglo” factory contains a water plant which produces best-quality water in Vojvodina and jointly with the state-of-the-art technological equipment at the factory makes an inseparable complex built in cooperation of best foreign and domestic experts..

At the source of raw material

At the source of raw material


The vegetable processing factory “Friglo” establishes and implements all necessary procedures of the GlobalGap quality control system in cooperation with its suppliers. The HACCP and IFS standards fulfilment is facilitated by the existing high-tech equipment of worldly renowned manufacturers:

  • Pea processing line - manufacturer: Femia, France - - capacity: 7 t/h of noncalibrated product

  • Line for processing and widthwise cutting of string beans - manufacturer: Femia, France - - capacity: 5-6 t/h of noncalibrated product

  • Sweetcorn processing line - manufacturer: Femia, France - - capacity: 5-6 t/h of noncalibrated product

  • Blanching line - manufacturer: Femia, France - - capacity: 7t/h based on peas

  • Deep-freezing line - manufacturer: JBT-FrigoScandia, Sweden - - capacity: 7t/h based on peas

  • Optical sorting line - manufacturer: Femia, France -, RayTech, Italy -

  • Bulk packaging line

  • Small packaging line

  • Cooling system - manufacturer: GEA Grasso, Germany and Baltimore, the USA