Spring planting on the fields is ongoing

The fields from which Friglo gets its raw material is ongoing. One of the first cultures planted in early spring is Friglo peas. Peas is a plant sawn at the end of February and the beginning of March. Thanks to its resistance to milder frosts, peas can stand such early planting. In order to grow, it is necessary for it to have optimum moisture. A cutting-edge irrigation system of the type ranger is used on our fields. Thanks to this system we have ensured ideal conditions for our peas to grow. Sweetcorn and green beans and yellow beans are sawn after peas.

We have already planted peas on our fields and are currently taking care of it. It will reach your tables in early June soft, fresh and full of valuable nutrients. Just as a reminder, the reason behind our peas being so healthy is the fact that following the harvest it is transported to the Friglo factory where it is cleaned, blanched and frozen within just one hour.

Our diligent workers are now sowing beans and sweetcorn. They will get to your tables a bit later, following the peas. We offer yellow beans and green beans.